Kauni Lace weight

Kauni Lace Weight Yarns are available in 50 gram balls for some colour ways, and in hanks or Skeins for other colours.  

Lace weight yarns are available as EFFEKT colour ways or uni-colours.  All can be found in our Shade Maps

Wool / Yarn / Knit Details.

KNITTING TENSION:  28 x 34 sts

100 grams = 760 metres


  When viewing yarns on site it is a good idea to click on image to see it larger, as it give better idea of colour.


Kauni Lace XA

Kauni Lace XEOC Effekt.

Kauni Lace XEYC Effekt

Kauni Lace XELC Effekt

Kauni Lace XEMC Effekt

Kauni Lace XEQ

Kauni Lace XEFL

Kauni Lace XEG

Kauni Lace XEJ

Kauni Laceweight XEX