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sandnes knitting yarns

Quality yarns from Norway, available in a multitude of qualities, gauges and colours.

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Kauni Yarns

Kauni Effect yarns with their long colour runs and gradual colour changes give endless pattern possibilities


Large range of the complementary Uni-colour Yarns.

Knitting patterns
We stock a wide selection of lovely Sandnes Knitting Patterns for every occasion for Women, Men, Children and Babies.
All Patterns on website are in English.
Whether it is trendy garments or traditional patterns such as Marius, Nancy, Setesdal and more.
knitting patterns
Sandnes Patterns and Pattern Books all available in English
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100% norwegian wool

100% norwegian wool

Made using Fritidsgarn 100% norwegian wool

Snowflake Pattern

As seen on the Killing TV series

One of our most popular own patterns

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Kauni unicolour yarn

Kauni Bubble Sweater Pattern

Pattern available on Ravelry. Click image

The sweater uses the Kauni Unicolour yarns available here

see petiteknit range of patterns here

SKD Yarns stock all the Sandnes yarns that are used in the extremely popular Petiteknit range of patterns. Whether you are looking for Sunday Petiteknit, Double Sunday, Tynn Silk Mohair, Line or Kos we have a good selection of colours in stock.

Petiteknit patterns can be bought from the Petieknit website