Quality Shawl-Pins, beautiful rainbow coloured black and white Mother of Pearl, black horn, rosewood and wood.

 A ideal accessory for many situations.

 Great value Pins that

 would also make a lovely present.

Sizes are mostly between 6 cm and 8 cm

With pins between 10cm and 13 cm



Flower Black Horn

Rectangle Black Horn

Apple Black Horn

Oval Black Horn

Cat Black Horn

Heart Black Horn

Owl Black Horn

Diamond Black Horn



Fish Burnt Black Horn

Diamond Mother Of Pearl

9 cm long, pin 13 cm long.


Triangle Mother of Pearl

Mango Mother of Pearl

Rectangle Black Mother of Pearl

Arrow Mother of Pearl

Etched Circle Mother of Pearl

Mountain Black Mother of Pearl

Arrow Black Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl Black

Rectangle 2 Black Mother of Pearl

Heart Black Mother of Pearl

Shape Rosewood


Rectangle Rosewood

Oval Rosewood

Arrow Rosewood

Wooden Owl

Wooden Butterfly

Wooden Parallelogram

Wooden Paisley

Wooden Flower

Wooden Oval

Wooden Rounded

Wooden Kidney

Wooden Cat Ears

Wooden Bird

Wooden Circle